Imagine conversing with a friend who was born blind. He asks you, "Describe yellow." How would you answer? You might tell him about some things that are yellow-the sun, dandelion flowers, a ripe banana. Or you might describe some feelings that you associate with the color--warmth, cheerfulness, alertness. You may even offer a scientific definition--electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength. Regardless how many words you use, our friend still cannot substantiate the color yellow. "Yellow" simply means nothing to him.

Now, ask someone, perhaps yourself, to describe God. It seems that we are now in the same boat as our blind friend! How does one describe something he cannot substantiate, something that is not real to his senses? We have not found a way to describe God in the material, physical realm. Then, is God just a concept of human mentality? If so, why do some people affirm with fervor His existence, as we would affirm the existence of "yellow" to a blind person?

Blindness may be nearly impossible to cure, but our search for a description of God is not a theoretical vanity. Our friend who is blind from birth lacks the function of a critical organ, the eye, so he cannot sense anything of the color yellow. Likewise, we cannot know God's existence or person unless we discover the critical organ that can substantiate God. The Bible describes man as a being of three parts (1 Thes. 5:23). The first two we are all familiar with: The body is the part for physical existence and contact with the physical universe; the soul, contained within the body, is the faculty for reason, emotion, and decision. The third part is the deepest, innermost part, contained within the soul: the human spirit (Job 32:8). Only the human spirit can contact God who is Spirit (John 4:24). Just as one must use his eyes, not his nose or his ears, to experience "yellow," we must use our human spirit, not our physical senses or our mind, to substantiate God.

To those of us who have found our human spirit, God is living and real. All His attributes, such as His love, His light, His life, and His wisdom, are available to us. But if you do not use your spiritual faculty, we can only describe God to you as you would describe "yellow" to a blind person. If you want to experience God, simply open to Him and call His name--Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 1:1). A simple prayer like this one will help you find your spirit and contact God:

O Lord Jesus Christ, I open my heart and my spirit to you. Lord, remove all the barriers that keep me from touching You. I want You to be real in me; help me use my spirit to substantiate You. Lord Jesus, I receive You into my spirit. Fill me with Yourself. Fill me with the joy of knowing God. Thank You, Lord Jesus.