The index below lists first lines and italicized chorus lines. The links point to text files with lyrics and chords. Sometime in the (distant) future, I would like to publish the tunes as well. But until then, you'll need to listen to the tapes that many of these new songs come from, color-coded as follows:

We're Full of Joy, 1995 Summer School of Truth singing tape, Seattle, WA.
A Joyful Way to Drink, 1994 Summer School of Truth singing tape, Seattle, WA.
Singing with Grace, 1993 Summer School of Truth singing tape, Seattle, WA.
A Joyful Noise, 1992 young people's singing tape, Seattle, WA.

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Worship of the Father

In Christ You gave us all--
Blessed be the God and Father

The Triune God

Now in our spirit we can see
I want to be filled
The Triune God and the Person
We see a picture of the Triune God

Loving the Lord

And now I follow You
How I love to sing
Jesus, I love You
Lord, I love You
Nothing and no one can satisfy me but You, anymore
Where is He, my Jesus?
I do not know where they have laid Him
I never thought that God would be enjoyable
Jesus Lord, I just love You.
Jesus, precious Jesus
Just one touch of You, dear Lord
Lord, I know that I'd be lost without You
Lord, You are Beloved, Fairest of the fair
Lovely One
Not a little, but a bunch!
Not poquito, nor kidogo
Now from my heart comes
One day so desperate for You
You took my heart when I was young


Draw me, dear Lord
I'm for the Lord!
Lord, in these days I want to set my heart
Lord, take my life
I've given up the world because
Lord, I give myself to You right now
Lord, so often I'm like Thomas
Lord, write your law, inscribe on our hearts
Made To Be Filled With the Lord
Mary poured out her love offering
O Lord, this whole world
Though the world may promise me more
Wherever you go, I will go

Fellowship & Satisfaction with the Lord

Because You...gave Your life up for me
Lord Jesus, I love You
Lord, I've seen Your purpose
Lord, You are so special
O Lord, we can't do it on our own
Oh, Lord Jesus!
Reading the Bible
There is a someone
Bartimaeus and Me
Each time in the morning, a while before dawn
Every new day's a new start
Every verse reveals Yourself to me
I am a beggar 'cause...I'm blind
I wake up this morning
I wake up this morning, Lord
Is there someone who's a friend
Jesus, O living Word of God
Lord, keep me from this evil and perverted age
My Cup Runneth Over With Joy
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying for me
Though I love You, Lord
Thy word is sweet unto my taste
When all around my sky is falling

His Name

Breathing (Lam. 3:55-56)
I called upon Thy name, O Lord

Experience of Christ

And Lord, how can I turn away from Your love
Christ is our light, our food, our air
Go on, go on
Lord, now with boldness I come to Your throne
O that Christ may make His home--my heart!
Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites
Thank You, Lord, in Your eyes we find grace
You became a man
All Fitting Life
Christ has come to be life
Day 1, You came to me
Dearest Lord, You've called us here
Fallen, in her condition
Father God, forgive me if I groan
I have a seed of life in me
I have decided to be a God-man
In th' eternal plan of God
In this godless age
Life's Development For God's Purpose
Lord, You are more precious than silver
Lord, how I thank You that
Our great High Priest, who stripped off all principalities
Rain On Me
Rain on me
Set your mind on the things which are above
Trials may come and discouragement, too
We work together with God by a life
You say He's mighty God

Fullness of the Spirit

O Lord! Amen!
Now the Lord is the Spirit--that's how

The Spirit

Now on the last day

The Church

Recall how David swore

The Gospel

I was once apart from Christ, you know
I once was dead
Lord, You were in the temple, teaching all the people
Morning dawn had arisen
There's a gospel of today

God's Eternal Purpose

Lord Jesus, I love You!
Oh, may a clear controlling vision
Eternally God had a plan
God has called us for His purpose
God's economy and His eternal plan
I'm God-man kind
Long before man fell in Adam
On the sixth day of God's recov'ry on earth
What miracle! What mystery!